Z80-MBC2 Vs Z80-MBC2 Limited Edition

The Z80-MBC2 Kit went on sale for the first time in 2019, until September 2021 we kept the same price until we ran out of stocks of the components in our warehouse.

In recent months, many components of the Kit have also increased in price by 200%, and for this reason we cannot maintain the same sale price as in 2019.
We decided to make a new configuration of the Kit, thanks to the suggestions and advice that some customers have written to us to improve the Kit.
We called it Limited Edition because it is a limited batch of only 100 pieces, 50 pieces in the Tin version and 50 pieces in the Gold version.
The Tin version is an economic version, while the Gold version uses some components of greater value and cost.
As the price of the Kit components varies from day to day, when this lot is sold out we will make a new lot with an updated sale price.

Update October 2023

The market has overcome this period of crazy prices and prices have almost returned to those of 2019.
We put the Kits back on sale in a series with cheap but good quality components and called it the Blue Edition.
So the Z80-MBC2 is now part of the Blue Edition series
The Z80-MBC2 Limited Edition Tin has been put back on sale in the Black Edition series

The Z80-MBC2 Black EditionV20-MBC Black Edition and 68K-MBC Black Edition Kits are now sold with Black micro SD card and RTC modules made by Mc John S.r.l.

 Component  Z80-MBC2  Z80-MBC2 Limited Edition Tin  Z80-MBC2 Limited Edition Gold 
 Resistor  Carbon 5% (1)  Metal Film 1% (2)  Metal Film 1% (2)
 Resistor Array tolerance   5% (3)  2% (4)  2% (4)
 Capacitor  Ceramic Disc (5)  MLCC (6)  MLCC (6)
 Pin Header  Solder and Contact Flash Gold (7)   ---  Solder Tin, Contact Gold (8)
 IC Socket   Dual Wipe Dipskt (9)  Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold (10)   Through Hole, Solder Gold, Contact Gold (11) 
 ATMEGA32  New - RoHS  ---  ---
 Z80 CPU  Used Recycled (12)  New - RoHS (13)  New - RoHS (13)
 RAM  Used Recycled (14)  New - RoHS (15)  New - RoHS (15)
 GPIO  New - RoHS  ---  ---
 74HC00  New - RoHS  ---  ---
 Microswitch USER  Back  Blue  Blue
 RTC Module  Pin Tin (16)  ---  Pin Gold (17)
 microSD Module  Pin Tin (18)  ---  Pin Gold (19)
 USB RS232-TTL Adapter   PL2303 (20)  CP2102 (21)  CP2102 Pin Gold (22)
 PCB  Blue Lead free HASL (23)  Black Lead free HASL Flash Gold (24)  Black ENIG Gold (25)
 Standoffs and screws  White Nylon  Black Nylon  Black Nylon
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---  The same as the Z80-MBC2
(1) Resistor, Carbon 5% (2) Resistor, Metal Film 1%
(3) Resistor, Array 5% (4) Resistor, Array 2%
(5)  Capacitor, Ceramic Disc (6) Capacitor, MLCC
(7)  Pin Header, Solder and Contact Flash Gold (8)  Pin Header, Solder Tin, Contact Gold
(9)  IC Socket, Dual Wipe Dipskt (10)  IC Socket, Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold (11)  IC Socket, Through Hole, Solder Gold, Contact Gold
(12) Z80 CPU, Used Recycled (13) Z80 CPU, New - RoHS
(14) RAM, Used Recycled (15) RAM, New - RoHS
(16)  RTC Module, Pin Tin (17)  RTC Module, Pin Gold
(18)  microSD Module, Pin Tin (19)  microSD Module, Pin Gold
(20) USB RS232-TTL Adapter, PL2303 (21)  USB RS232-TTL Adapter, CP2102 (22)  USB RS232-TTL Adapter, CP2102 Pin Gold
(23) PCB, Blue Lead free HASL (24) PCB, Black Lead free HASL Flash Gold (25) PCB, Black ENIG Gold

This project is released (hardware and software) under the GPL 3 license and was designed by Fabio Defabis (Just4Fun), more information is available at this link or on our new Wiki website at this link.