Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition
  • Z80-MBC2 Black Edition

Z80-MBC2 Black Edition

Shipped within 7/10 working days

Cpu Z80 4/8MHz (SW selectable), 128KB banked RAM, 16 GPIO, I2C, RS232-TTL, HD emulation on SD, RTC with temperature sensor, Multi-boot management for max. 10 OS (currently supported OS with 16 HD each: CP/M 2.2, Q/PM 2.71, CP/M 3, UCSD Pascal, Collapse OS), Autoboot (direct binary load and execution from SD), iLOAD (automatic load and run executables files in Intel-Hex format), SW controlled User led and key, stand-alone Basic and Forth interpreters (with IOS-LITE embedded into FW), boot mode and system parameters user menu.

Kit: To assemble
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This project is released (hardware and software) under the GPL 3 license and was designed by Fabio Defabis (Just4Fun), more information is available at this link.

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Example calculation cost of the kit all inclusive

Country Kit VAT Shipping Total
Italy 74.90€  16.48€  8.65€ 100.03€
EU Area 74.90€ 16.48€ 13.15€ 104.53€
United States  74.90€ 0.00€ 17.05€ 91.95€
Australia 74.90€ 0.00€ 18.55€ 93.45€

The product is shipped from Italy to worldwide, with tracking code.

No customs fees, the customer will not pay customs fees, shipping by legal procedure.

Delivery time:
Italy: 2 working days, Sardinia and Sicily 3 working days
France: 4 working days
United Kingdom: 4 working days
United States: 7 working days

Kit contents:

n. 1 Resistor 39 ohm 1/4W 1%
n. 1 Resistor 330 ohm 1/4W 1%
n. 2 Resistors 390 ohm 1/4W 1%
n. 2 Resistors 680 ohm 1/4W 1%
n. 3 Resistors 1 Kohm 1/4W 1%
n. 1 Resistor 1,2 Kohm 1/4W 1%
n. 2 Resistors 4,7 Kohm 1/4W 1%
n. 8 Resistors 10 Kohm 1/4W 1%
n. 2 Resistors SIP9 1x8 10 Kohm 1/8W 2%
n. 2 MLCC Capacitors 22 pF
n. 8 MLCC Capacitors 100 nF
n. 2 Solid Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors 100 uF 16V.
n. 2 Diode 1N4148
n. 3 Diode 1N5817
n. 2 Led 3 mm. red
n. 2 Led 3 mm. yellow
n. 1 Led 3 mm. green
n. 1 Led 3 mm. blue
n. 2 Transistors 2N2907
n. 1 Quarz 16 MHz
n. 1 74HC00
n. 1 Z84C0008PEG
n. 1 ATMEGA32A already programmed and ready to use
n. 1 AS6C1008-55PCN
n. 1 MCP23017
n. 1 Socket DIP-14 Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold
n. 1 Socket DIP-28 Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold
n. 1 Socket DIP-32 Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold
n. 2 Sockets DIP-40 Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold
n. 1 Connector 1x4 male Solder and Contact Flash Gold
n. 1 Connector 1x8 male Solder and Contact Flash Gold
n. 1 Connector 2x10 male Solder and Contact Flash Gold
n. 2 Connectors 1x6 female Solder and Contact Flash Gold
n. 1 Connector 2x3 IDC male Solder and Contact Flash Gold
n. 1 Connector 1x2 JST male
n. 1 Connector 1x2 JST female
n. 2 Pins plugin JST
n. 2 Microswitch 6x6x5 mm. Red and Blue
n. 6 Led spacer
n. 1 Quarz spacer
n. 4 Hexagonal spacer M3 5.5 x 10mm. nylon black
n. 4 Screws 3MA x 6 mm. nylon black
n. 1 Module RTC modified Pin Tin
n. 1 Module microSD card Pin Tin
n. 1 Adapter USB RS232-TTL CP2102
n. 1 Cable 30Cm. for Adapter USB RS232-TTL
n. 1 microSD 4GB Class 10 with all programs
n. 1 Battery CR2032
n. 1 PCB Black Lead free HASL

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Data sheet

Zilog Z80
RAM Memory
128 KB
To assemble



Z80-MBC2 documents

Download (4.5MB)
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No issues. Works Fine

I got the black edition. This is a high quality kit that contains everything you need using Teraterm or putty as a terminal.

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Verified purchase

Having fun with the Z80-MBC2

I have gotten into the retro computing scene with the Z80-MBC2 Black Edition kit, and have been having quite a bit of fun with it. I got into computing way back in February 1977, and building this kit brings back the fun that has has been lacking since the days of IBM PC style computing in the 1990's. I enjoyed soldering this together, and running CP/M and other retro software and games. When I ordered this, I also ordered the uCom Back Edition to go with it, and that is also a great and enjoyable kit.

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Perfect kit with all its components, easy to assemble and use.

I ordered the kit fromn France on November 9, 2022 and received it on December 1. <br /> Very good kit delivered well complete. All parts are grouped by categories in separate pockets. <br /> It was a great fun to assemble it, and pictures on this website were a good help. I am very satisfied with this purchase.<br /> But during assembly, pay close attention to the polarities of electrochemical capacitors, LEDs, diodes and resistor networks.<br /> For the electrochemical capacitors in the kit, the negative leg is near the red mark, and on the pcb the square pad is the positive side.<br /> For the two resistor networks, the leg near the indication is the common leg to be inserted in the square pad, but it's best to check with a multimeter.<br /> For diodes and LEDs, unlike capacitors, the pcb square pads are negative sides. The negative leg of a LED is the shortest, to be insert in the square pad.<br /> A K letter is Near each square pad of LEDs. K for Katode (cathode), négative side. <br /> After soldering the polarized capacitors,take care not to put LEDs in the wrong polaritie. The serigraphy of the diodes avoids the error.<br /> No difficulty for the resistors, but checking their values with a multimeter is more safe. No problem with the other components.<br /> After connecting the card to a USB port, some diodes flash, which is a good sign.<br /> Then check, in the device manager of the computer, that the Serial-USB module is detected, and that a com port number is assigned to it. Note this number.<br /> If no com port appears, search for a suitable USB-serial driver on the Silicon-Labs or Prolific websites for example.<br /> Windows 11 does not have the correct driver by default, I downloaded and installed CP210x_Universal_Windows_Driver.zip from Silicon-Labs, it works perfectly.<br /> Then launch Putty (or another serial emulator), configure it as a serial monitor (115200 8 n 1) and indicate it the noted port number (com1, com2,..).<br /> Run the correct configuration. After a scrolling text, appear the cp/m disk A> .<br /> <br /> The red diode D1 (HALT) never lights up. It's normal.<br /> To test it, run this short program in MBASIC. You can only type lines 100 to 500<br /> <br /> 10 REM Test Halt led (D1) of Z80-mbc2. Serge CABALA<br /> 20 PRINT CHR$(27);"[2J";:REM Clear screen<br /> 30 PRINT CHR$(27);"[2;1H";:REM Cursor screen on upper left <br /> 40 PRINT" Testing Halt led (D1 led) of Z80-mbc2":PRINT <br /> 50 PRINT"This program FREEZE Z80 CPU to Turn ON the red HALT led (D1) "<br /> 60 PRINT"When D1 is on, hit RESET key (red button) of mbc2 to restart it"<br /> 70 INPUT"CONTINUE (Y/N)";X$<br /> 80 IF X$"Y" THEN PRINT"TEST aborted": END<br /> 90 PRINT"Now Press mbc2 RESET key" <br /> 100 CLEAR,32000:REM Reserve memory <br /> 200 POKE 32000,&H76:REM HALT code of Z80. Freeze CPU<br /> 300 POKE 32001,&HC9:REM RETurn code of Z80. Never executed, CPU is frozen <br /> 400 DEF USR0=32000:REM define starting adress of language machine <br /> 500 X=USR0(0):REM Jump to 32000<br /> 600 PRINT "RETURN from USR0":REM Never appens, because CPU is frozen<br /> <br />

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Z80-MBC2 Black Edition Kit

Received the kit shipped to the UK in just over a week. The kit was excellently packaged and components separated into relevant categories. Enclosed paperwork had schematic, placement diagrams and bill of materials. All components were leaded and easily identified. The enclosed SD card had all the relevant software pre-loaded. I connected the board to a computer using the enclosed serial-USB adapter. I mounted the board in my own enclosure using a USB bulkhead adapter in order the get the serial connection, this also provided the power to the board. The board has provided me with lots of memories having run CP/M in the 1980's. Later I purchased the uTerm Black board (see separate review) to provide a PS2 keyboard input and VGA monitor output so the serial to USB adapter is no longer required for day to day use but can be connected on the serial output on the uTerm board if required.

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