Zapper 3.0 Partenope
  • Zapper 3.0 Partenope
  • Zapper 3.0 Partenope
  • Zapper 3.0 Partenope
  • Zapper 3.0 Partenope
  • Zapper 3.0 Partenope

Zapper 3.0 Partenope


Modern reworking of Dr. Clark's Zapper

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Electronic equipment that emits a low voltage microbicidal frequency (30KHz) suitable to help the destruction of parasites and beyond, which circulate in the body and which are created in the intestine or introduced through what enters the mouth (water, food and the competition of drugs, vaccines).

This device is very simple to use and automated, it performs 3 cycles in sequence each consisting of two phases, a first phase of activity that lasts 7 minutes and a second phase of pause that lasts 21 minutes, the complete treatment is performed in 84 minutes.

The parasites passing through the intestinal osmotic barrier, through the blood, are conveyed throughout the organism going to nest according to the species, in the weak points of the body where the "soil" is favorable to them.

The device was developed by American doctor (microbiologist) Clark who in his research has verified the discoveries and intuitions of a late-century scholar named Lakhowsky.


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