68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition
  • 68K-MBC Black Edition

68k-MBC Black Edition

Shipped within 7/10 working days

Cpu Motorola 68008P10 8MHz, 128KB / 512KB / 1024KB RAM, 16 GPIO, I2C, 2 serial ports with RS232, HD emulation on SD, RTC with temperature sensor, Multi-boot management for max. 10 OS (currently supported OS CP/M-68K with 16 HD), Autoboot (direct binary load and execution from SD), sLoad (automatic loading and execution of executable files in Motorola S-record format), SW controlled User led and key, boot mode and system parameters user menu.
Compatible with the uTerm, uCom and SPP add-on boards

Kit: To assemble
Ram: 1024 KB
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NEWS, new Kit configuration with SD Card and RTC Module with Black PCB made by Mc John S.r.l and Pin Headers with Pin Gold

This project is released (hardware and software) under the GPL 3 license and was designed by Fabio Defabis (Just4Fun), more information is available at this link.

Attention, VAT and shipping costs change depending on the country of the customer.

Example calculation cost of the kit all inclusive

Country Kit VAT Shipping Total
Italy 98.90€  21.76€  9.65€ 130.31€
EU Area 98.90€ 21.76€ 14.75€ 135.41€
United States  98.90€ 0.00€ 19.30€ 118.20€
Australia 98.90€ 0.00€ 24.70€ 123.60€

The product is shipped from Italy to worldwide, with tracking code.

No customs fees, the customer will not pay customs fees, shipping by legal procedure.

Delivery time:
Italy: 1 working day, Sardinia and Sicily 2 working days
France: 4 working days
United Kingdom: 4 working days

Differences between 68k-MBC and 68k-MBC Black Edition Kits

Component 68k-MBC 68k-MBC Black Edition
Resistor Carbon 5% Metal Film 1%
Resistor Array tolerance 5% 2%
CPU 68008P8 Used/Recycled 68008P10 New - RoHS
IC Socket Dual Wipe Dipskt Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold
PCB Blue Lead free HASL Black Lead free HASL
Standoffs and screws White Nylon Black Nylon
Pin Headers Pin Tin Pin Gold
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Data sheet

Motorola 68008
RAM Memory
128 KB
512 KB
1024 KB
To assemble

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