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Multi-emulation color RS232 terminal

Kit: To assemble


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This project is released (hardware and software) under the GPL 3 license and was designed by Fabio Defabis (Just4Fun).

The kit is supplied with the ESP2 module already soldered and programmed.

Attention, VAT and shipping costs change depending on the country of the customer.

Example calculation cost of the kit all inclusive

Country Kit VAT Shipping Total
Italy 78,90€  17,36€  6,90€ 103,16€
EU Area 78,90€ 17,36€ 14,25€ 110,51€
United States  78,90€ 0,00€ 18,65€ 97,55€
Australia 78,90€ 0,00€ 23,90€ 102,80€

The product is shipped from Italy to worldwide, with tracking code.

No customs fees, the customer will not pay customs fees, shipping by legal procedure.

Delivery time:
Italy: 1 working day, Sardinia and Sicily 2 working days
France: 4 working days
United Kingdom: 4 working days

Kit contents:
n. 49 Resistors 1/4W 1%
n. 17 MLCC Capacitors
n. 5 Solid Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors
n. 12 Diode
n. 3 Led 3 mm.
n. 5 Transistors
n. 1 LM7805
n. 1 LM1117V33
n. 1 LM386
n. 1 74HCT00
n. 1 74HCT08
n. 1 MAX232
n. 1 ESP32-WROOM-32 already assembled and programmed
n. 4 Socket DIP Through Hole, Solder Tin, Contact Gold
n. 1 Barrel Jack
n. 2 Mini Din 6 PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard
n. 2 Connector 1x8 male Solder and Contact Flash Gold
n. 1 Connector 2x8 male Solder and Contact Flash Gold
n. 1 Connector 1x2 JST male
n. 1 Connector DB9 male
n. 1 Connector DB15 female
n. 2 Microswitch 6x6x5 mm. Grey and Red
n. 1 Slide switch
n. 3 Led holder black
n. 4 Hexagonal spacer M3 5.5 x 10mm. nylon white
n. 4 Screws 3MA x 6 mm. nylon white
n. 1 Heatsink TO220 vertical
n. 1 Screw M3 x 6 mm. with grower and washer
n. 1 Thermal paste soft pack
n. 1 Shovel for thermal paste
n. 1 Adapter USB RS232-TTL CP2102
n. 1 Cable 30Cm. for Adapter USB RS232-TTL
n. 1 PCB Blue Lead free HASL
n. 2 PS/2 USB Adapter
n. 1 Speaker 8 ohm 2W. with connector JST assembled


Data sheet

To assemble
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Best kit I have ever seen.

A wonderful kit. Even the resisters had tags showing values. Great documentation and response when contacting the supplier. I thoroughly recommend.

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super, I repeat .... a super terminal

what a super product - it's a termial with color and different video solutions. Also....you can choose between a lot of standard terminal emulations, ..ADM3 too. <br /> With special escape sequences it is possible to generate simple graphics, line, rectangle, circle, all in color too. This is the terminal I am searching for a long time.

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