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Cpu Nec V20HL - uPD70108H (8088 + 8080) 4/8MHz (SW selectable), 128KB / 512KB / 1024KB RAM, 16 GPIO, I2C, RS232-TTL, HD emulation on SD, RTC with temperature sensor, Multi-boot management for max. 10 OS (currently supported OS with 16 HD each: CP/M-80, CP/M-86), Autoboot (direct binary load and execution from SD), iLOAD (automatic load and run executables files in Intel-Hex format), SW controlled User led and key, boot mode and system parameters user menu.

Kit: To assemble
Ram: 1024 KB
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This Kit is no longer available, it has been replaced by a new Kit available at this link.

This project is released (hardware and software) under the GPL 3 license and was designed by Fabio Defabis (Just4Fun), more information is available at this link.

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United States  59,00€ 0,00€ 18,65€ 77,65€
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Kit contents:
n. 1 Pcb lead-free blue
n. 1 Resistor 330 ohm 1/4W 5%
n. 2 Resistors 390 ohm 1/4W 5%
n. 3 Resistors 680 ohm 1/4W 5%
n. 1 Resistor 1 Kohm 1/4W 5%
n. 2 Resistors 4.7 Kohm 1/4W 5%
n. 9 Resistors 10 Kohm 1/4W 5%
n. 2 Disc Capacitors 22 pF
n. 15 Disc Capacitors 100 nF
n. 2 Electrolytis Capacitors 100 uF 16V.
n. 3 Diode 1N4148
n. 4 Diode 1N5817
n. 2 Led 3 mm. red
n. 1 Led 3 mm. yellow
n. 1 Led 3 mm. green
n. 1 Led 3 mm. blue
n. 1 Quarz 16 MHz
n. 1 74HC00
n. 1 74HC02
n. 1 74HC02
n. 1 74HC74
n. 2 74HC373
n. 1 D70108HCZ-16
n. 1 ATMEGA32A already programmed and ready to use
n. 1 MCP23017
n. 1 AS6C1008-55 (128KB)
n. 1 AS6C4008-55 (512 KB)
n. 2 AS6C4008-55 (1024 KB)
n. 3 Sockets DIP-14
n. 2 Sockets DIP-20
n. 1 Socket DIP-28
n. 2 Sockets DIP-32
n. 2 Sockets DIP-40
n. 1 Socket for Quarz
n. 1 Connector 1x2 male
n. 1 Connector 1x3 male
n. 1 Connector 1x6 male
n. 1 Connector 1x8 male
n. 1 Connector 2x10 male
n. 2 Connectors 1x6 female
n. 1 Connector 2x3 IDC male
n. 1 Connector 1x2 JST male
n. 1 Connector 1x2 JST female
n. 2 Pins plugin JST
n. 2 Jumpers
n. 2 Microswitch 6x6x5 mm.
n. 1 Module RTC modified
n. 1 Module microSD card
n. 1 Adapter cable USB RS232-TTL
n. 1 microSD with 15 disk and all programs
n. 1 Battery CR2032

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Data sheet

Nec V20
RAM Memory
128 KB
512 KB
1024 KB
To assemble
Rated 4.83 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews
Verified purchase

Fantastic kit, slightly more challenging than the Z80-MBC2

This is a very complete kit, and includes details like LED spacers, an insulating pad for the crystal, and a red push button for reset. For my build, I used machined pin DIP sockets instead of the stamped sockets included in the kit. It worked on the first power up, booting right up into the CP/M. I really like the ROM and I/O emulation using the microcontroller, it is a very clean and extensible design.<br /> <br /> I also built the Z80-MBC2 and had a similar positive experience. I would say the V20-MBC is slightly more challenging to build as it has a few more parts. These kits are so much fun, I just ordered the 68K-MBC and look forward to building and experimenting with it.

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Verified purchase

Awesome quality again from the shop

After ordering the Z80-MBC2, I also ordered this kit. It looks promising and the quality is again 100%. The postal service again was a bit slow. This kit worked right out of the box and isn't really hard to build if you have beginners skills regarding assembling the kit together. I mounted the SD connector in an angle so it have room beside the atmega. McJohn shop is a good place to buy your stuff.

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Verified purchase

Very nice and compact board.

Build was fast and all parts fit very well. Board worked right off. Preprogrammed CPU is good as well. Data on the SD-card is also ok, it helps a great deal to get the board started. The combination with the uTerm is very positive as well. Either horizontal or vertical mounting makes it easier to find a suitable housing.

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Verified purchase

Great little board

Package received in less then a week and was well packed (ICs and sockets were well protected which is quite important).<br /> Board is well design and all parts marked so soldering was easy to be done. <br /> Think that is quite good that SD card comes with software on it and that ATMEGA32 is also pre-programmed so those without experience can enjoy right away.<br /> <br /> Thank you for this great product.

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