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Z80-MBC2 assembled Micro Computer OV


Cpu Z80 4/8MHz (SW selectable), 128KB banked RAM, 16 GPIO, I2C, RS232-TTL, HD emulation on SD, RTC with temperature sensor, Multi-boot management for max. 10 OS with 16 HD each. Currently available: CP/M 2.2, Q/PM 2.71, CP/M 3, UCSD Pascal. Autoboot (direct binary load and execution from SD), iLOAD (automatic load and run executables files in Intel-Hex format), SW controlled User led and key, stand-alone Basic and Forth interpreters (with IOS-LITE embedded into FW), boot mode and system parameters user menu.

This pack contains


Independent Z80 Micro Computer composed of the Z80-MBC2 board (Cpu) and the uTerm board (VT100 terminal), just connect a VGA monitor and a PS2 or USB keyboard (Attention: check that the keyboard used must have emulation of the PS2 protocol).

This Micro Computer need a 9V power supply. DC at least 1A. or higher with 5.5 x 2.1 mm plug. which is not supplied with the kit.

This project is released (hardware and software) under the GPL 3 license and was designed by Fabio Defabis (Just4Fun), more information is available at this link and this link.

Attention, VAT and shipping costs change depending on the country of the customer.

Example calculation cost of the kit all inclusive

Country Kit VAT Shipping Total
Italy 164,90€ 36,28€  6,90€ 208,08€
EU Area 164,90€ 36,28€ 14,25€ 215,43€
United States  164,90€ 0,00€ 18,65€ 183,55€
Australia 164,90€ 0,00€ 23,90€ 188,80€

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Delivery time:
Italy: 1 working day, Sardinia and Sicily 2 working days
France: 4 working days
United Kingdom: 4 working days

Kit contents:
- Z80-MBC2 card assembled and ready to use, including RS232 USB adapter cable, ATMEGA32A already programmed, modified RTC module, microSD card module, microSD with all programs and CR2032 battery.
- uTerm board assembled and ready to use with the STM32 chip already programmed.

The boards are assembled using lead-free tin for the soldering of all electronic components, as RoHS regulation.

All the electronic components used are RoHS certified by the respective manufacturers.


Data sheet

Zilog Z80
RAM Memory
128 KB



uTerm documents

Download (180.14k)


Z80-MBC2 documents

Download (4.5M)
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Z80-MBC2 with uTerm

This machine is an excellently conceived Z80 compute platform. It is a high-quality hardware product as well as having a great array of OS options: CP/M 2.?, CP/M 3.?, Basic, Forth - Selectable from a Boot menu. <br /> <br /> The machine has an SD card loaded with a wonderful array of software and although the SD card content isn’t directly accessible on a Windows PC, a management tool is freely available that allows disk images, mapped to MBC2 accessible ‘drives’, to be maintained. It’s possible to place files created on your PC on to such images, too.<br /> <br /> Also included is a Real Time Clock module (use the Boot menu to set/change) that’s accessible in BASIC or your own-written CP/M programs.<br /> <br /> The machine includes 20 GPIO pins which allows a means to detect switches, drive relays, LEDs and LCD/LED Displays. Note, though, accessing GPIO functionality is ’clunky’ so don’t expect to drive anything that needs medium to high speed signalling.<br /> <br /> A really interesting feature is the ‘transparent FTDI’ serial comms that allows you to link the MBC2 to your PC using a FTDI to USB adapter even if you are using uTerm. <br /> <br /> Overall, it’s a great machine and I’d recommend anyone interested in the Z80 retro computing to get one. One feature I’d like to see in any emerging MBC3 would be to allow Z80 IO addresses greater than 127 to be directly accessible by the CPU and include a couple of 0.1” pitch rows of signal lines for address, data, IORQ, MEMRQ, WAIT, RD, WR, M1 etc to allow expansion/interfacing flexibility.<br /> <br /> Finally, I’d like to acknowledge McJohn.it as my supplier for this machine. Their business process as well as care and attention for packaging, dispatch, posting and order status is highly commendable.<br /> <br /> Ged Tonkin

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