Micro Computer Z80-MBC2
  • Micro Computer Z80-MBC2
  • Z80-MBC2 Kit to assemble
  • Z80-MBC2 Kit to assemble
  • Z80-MBC2 assembled and ready to use
  • Z80-MBC2 assembled and ready to use
  • Z80-MBC2 assembled and ready to use
  • Z80-MBC2 CP/M 2.2
  • Z80-MBC2 QP/M 2.71
  • Z80-MBC2 CP/M 3
  • Z80-MBC2 UCSD Pascal
  • Z80-MBC2 UCSD Pascal
  • Z80-MBC2 Collapse OS

Kit Z80-MBC2

Shipped within 1 working day

Cpu Z80 4/8MHz (SW selectable), 128KB banked RAM, 16 GPIO, I2C, RS232-TTL, HD emulation on SD, RTC with temperature sensor, Multi-boot management for max. 10 OS (currently supported OS with 16 HD each: CP/M 2.2, Q/PM 2.71, CP/M 3, UCSD Pascal, Collapse OS), Autoboot (direct binary load and execution from SD), iLOAD (automatic load and run executables files in Intel-Hex format), SW controlled User led and key, stand-alone Basic and Forth interpreters (with IOS-LITE embedded into FW), boot mode and system parameters user menu.

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This project is released (hardware and software) under the GPL 3 license and was designed by Fabio Defabis (Just4Fun), more information is available at this link.

Attention, VAT and shipping costs change depending on the country of the customer.

Example calculation cost of the kit all inclusive

Country Kit VAT Shipping Total
Italy 49,00€  10,78€  6,90€ 66,68€
EU Area 49,00€ 10,78€ 12,70€ 72,48€
United States  49,00€ 0,00€ 16,50€ 65,50€
Australia 49,00€ 0,00€ 17,95€ 66,95€

The product is shipped from Italy to worldwide, with tracking code.

No customs fees, the customer will not pay customs fees, shipping by legal procedure.

Delivery time:
Italy: 1 working day, Sardinia and Sicily 2 working days
France: 4 working days
United Kingdom: 4 working days

Kit contents:
n. 1 Pcb blue
n. 2 Resistors 680 ohm 1/4W 5%
n. 2 Resistors 390 ohm 1/4W 5%
n. 8 Resistors 10 Kohm 1/4W 5%
n. 1 Resistor 39 ohm 1/4W 5%
n. 2 Resistors 4,7 Kohm 1/4W 5%
n. 1 Resistor 1,2 Kohm 1/4W 5%
n. 3 Resistors 1 Kohm 1/4W 5%
n. 1 Resistor 330 ohm 1/4W 5%
n. 2 Resistors SIP9 1x8 10 Kohm 1/8W 5%
n. 8 Disc Cpacitors 100 nF
n. 2 Disc Capacitors 22 pF
n. 2 Electrolytis Capacitors 100 uF 16V.
n. 2 Diode 1N4148
n. 3 Diode 1N5817
n. 2 Led 3 mm. red
n. 2 Led 3 mm. white
n. 1 Led 3 mm. green
n. 1 Led 3 mm. blue
n. 2 Transistors 2N2907
n. 1 Quarz 16 MHz
n. 1 74HC00
n. 1 Z84C0008
n. 1 ATMEGA32A already programmed and ready to use
n. 1 TC551001-70
n. 1 MCP23017
n. 1 Socket DIP-14
n. 1 Socket DIP-28
n. 1 Socket DIP-32
n. 2 Sockets DIP-40
n. 1 Connector 1x4 male
n. 1 Connectors 1x8 male
n. 1 Connector 2x10 male
n. 2 Connectors 1x6 female
n. 1 Connectors 2x3 IDC male
n. 1 Connectors 1x2 JST male
n. 1 Connector 1x2 JST female
n. 2 Pins plugin JST
n. 2 Microswitch 6x6x5 mm.
n. 1 Module RTC modified
n. 1 Module microSD card
n. 1 Adapter USB RS232-TTL
n. 1 microSD with 15 disk and all programs
n. 1 Battery CR2032

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Data sheet

Zilog Z80
RAM Memory
128 KB
To assemble



Z80-MBC2 documents

Download (4.5M)
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Great kit, fast shipping and a wonderful computer

Kit came very fast and went together quite easily in about 1 1/2 hours. Plugged it in and worked in one go. Very happy with it.

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Z80-MBC Kit - Computing back in the day before DOS

This kit can be built and up and running CP/M OS in several hours from start to finish. This kit brings back the days of the mighty Z80 CPU when it ruled the digital age. My thanks to Mc John S.r.l. for putting this kit together, Excellent work !. Everything included and with basic soldering skills you can have a nice vintage CP/M computing system up and running. The software he put on the micro SD card are a great start to getting into the CP/M world ! He even included a Word Star 4.0 word processor, PASCAL, FORTH, BASIC and a ton of other CP/M software !!! I give this kit a 10 out of 10 rating.

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Z80-MBC2 Kit - Comprehensive and Fun!

Seeing this project on Hackaday brought back happy memories of my first home computers based on the same Zilog Z80 microprocessor.<br /> <br /> Shipping between Italy and Spain took longer than expected but this is no fault of Mc John. When the kit did arrive I was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive it is, even including the battery for the RTC module. Although all the resistors were clearly marked with their values I did double check their colour codes for complete peace of mind when soldering.<br /> <br /> Assembly was straightforward following information provided on Hackaday and via the excellent Facebook support group and I had it running in no time via the included serial-USB adapter cable and 'Serial' terminal emulator software on my Mac.<br /> <br /> I am looking forward to many hours of pleasure exploring all the software that is included on the MicroSD card.

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Z80-MBC2 Excellent Kit!

Kit arrived complete and worked from first power up. Well thought out and complete. Easy build if you can solder.

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Super product sent, support! Have a try you too ...

Dear John and all,<br /> <br /> Thanks for the nice mail exchange before buy and the quality of the send and product ready to go a boot! Have a try guys, it's a worth ..<br /> <br /> I was using CP/M when i was young ( said around past 35 years gone now ..oopsss!) and at boot up of John product I was (now i'm more 20yo!) like the kid I was starting my learn in Operating System and Electronics ( all my job was Electronics designer) !!!<br /> <br /> Thanks to John for this high quality product that I recommand evry body have one to learn and see how was computers at begin and now due to John good product still is alive CP/M!!<br /> <br /> I simple now want to say you all...have one and let's enjoy CP/M was and is forever!<br /> <br /> Thx John<br /> Super Job!<br /> <br /> Let's run it now to play CP/M

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